Wednesday, October 29, 2008

IMPACT of Obama's 25% Military Funding Cut

Democrats in general ALWAYS cut Military Funding and weaken the current status of our troops. Recently we heard from Rep. John Murtha (D-Penn.) of a 25% Spending Cut if Barack Obama becomes President. What does this mean? How will it impact us?

The first promise Barack Obama will keep will be an early withdrawal of troops out of Iraq. This early withdrawal will weaken Iraqi Security Forces allowing the long awaited invasion of Iraq and Kuwait. Syria will storm Iraq from the North and Iran from the south moving upward.

This will then turn control of Iraq's oil to Iran and Syria. (Both countries are not allies of the U.S.) In turn, Iran will raise oil prices because of the sanctions the U.S. has placed on them. Possibly driving Oil to $5 or $6 a gallon, further weakening the U.S. economy. After taking over Iraq, a war with Israel is guaranteed. When Israel is defeated my MASS FORCE, the U.S. losses it's security counterpart within the region and will no longer be able to protect it's assets in the area. It will weaken Fuel trade and increase the actions of Pirates within the area.

If this war breaks out, as a U.N. Nation we will be responsible to go in the area and defend our Allies, encountering the Largest Bloodshed ever.

What else can be expected from a 25% Spending Cut?
Currently soldiers receive a 3.5% pay raise every year, Thanks to George Bush. Under the Clinton Administration they received a 1% pay raise every year. Because of that many soldiers were forced to collect welfare because they could not survive on their military paychecks.

Currently a soldier first entering the military makes around $1,200 a month. It was $879 a month during Desert Storm.
$17,000.00 First Year AFTER GI Bill Deduction
$21,000.00 (E-3) After Year One Stationed in US
$25,500.00 a year (E-4) Average Enlisted in IRAQ / AFGHANISTAN
$35,000.00 a year (E-5) Average Special Forces

How Badly would the people who support and defend our country be hurting from a 1% pay raise?

Think About It? The LAST Democrat President to serve in the Military was John F. Kennedy. How much has warfare changed since before the Vietnam War? We are more reliant on Special Forces and Special Weapons than ever. How much would a 25% cut cripple this Country's Intelligence and Combat Capabilities?

(Note: the NSA is part of the Department of Defense and would also become more crippled with this 25% reduction)

We don't need to cut Budgets, we need to "Reform How We Do Business". We need to weed out corrupt government contractors, we need to make them accountable for their projects and delivery times. This is the John McCain approach.

Monday, October 27, 2008

OBAMA'S "Spreading the Wealth" - The Writing is On The Net

Barack Obama's campaign slogan is about "Change", the hope that America will change their mind and vote for the Democratic Party. He talks about corporate greed, what about Government Greed? The writing is on the wall that the Democrats are doing what is needed to BUY THE ELECTION. Having raised over $600 Million Dollars in questionable funding, one begins to wonder where all this money comes from. His fundraising dollars is the equivalent of every American donating $2 to his campaign.

Barack Obama's Presidential campaign spending is projected to far exceed the combined total of BUSH vs. KERRY in the 2004 Presidential Campaign.

Isn't the writing on the wall about how Barack will outspend any former president? He will do more damage to this country than any terrorist attack could ever do. The writing is on the wall, look at the list of his Donors Far Exceeding Campaign Contribution Limits:

(over 509 have gathered at least $63,300,000 for Obama)

To me, it sounds like Barack will owe a lot of favors if he becomes President of the United States.

Examples of his wasteful spending:

  1. Barack Obama requested Secret Service Agents in May of 2007, while all others were not provided them until December 2007.

  2. Barack Obama has double the Secret Service staff as John McCain and Sarah Palin.

  3. Leasing a 757 for his camapaign use instead of something smaller and more fuel efficient (For McCain the AirBus 320 is sufficient)

  4. Michelle Obama's $500 lunches

Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama's Phone Bank leads to ACORN Fraud, Identity Theft and Worse

After reviewing Barack Obama's Phone back you begin to wonder if it is designed for more than just to help make phone calls. Obama's Phone Bank provides enough information to commit numerous crimes.

When you first log in you have the option to print out a list of people's information to call, or call them one by one entering their data directly into an insecure website. This means the site is not protected by SSL and information is passed in clear and vulnerable to Man In The Middle attacks by hackers. (Information is stored in hidden field data)

Next, you review the callers information. You will find lots of unnecessary information. For instance, I understand why a name, phone number and location, but why does provide an age, gender and voter id number? This information is a bit excessive and can used for ACORN suspected voter fraud.

The idea of the phone bank frieghtens me for several reasons.

  1. Phone Numbers can be linked to addresses

  2. The database is linked with NUMEROUS unlisted phone numbers

  3. Your number is listed even if you are in the DO NOT CALL Registry

Below is an example of how using Google I was able to trace the persons location and any other information about her. and Google provide enough information to use the persons identity and pose as them at the polls and vote for the wrong candidate. It also provides enough information to enable the criminals to victimize the elderly. By typing the victims address into
you can obtain a view of victims house and do a virtual recon of the target.

After reading this information, you are probably wondering what else can this information be used for. How about Contribution Fraud?

A fraudulent contributor can use this information and goto or to check if someone has contributed money. If they haven't, then they can illegally make a contribution under someone elses name, using a VISA, MASTER CARD OR AMERICAN EXPRESS Pre-Paid card. This is a proven method of FRAUD found on

IF Barack Obama can't secure your information on a website, what makes you believe he can keep this country secure OR secure this country's economy!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Signs of Obama Contribution Fraud - Family

During my research, signs of fraud become obvious. I began to ask myself, why dont members of the Federal Elections Committee see the tell tale signs. Here is one such account from the Obama Victory Fund.

The house above is the address (3878 Herschel St, Jacksonville, FL 32205) of a contributor to the Obama Victory Fund. The amount contributed was $140,000 by 5 family members from this house. Research of the value of houses within that area varied from $61,000 to $180,000.

House Pricing Information was provided using

Here is a list of Contributions from this Address:

Anne Pajcic Jacksonville, FL $28,500 Homemaker
Helen Pajcic Jacksonville, FL $28,500 Student
Michael Pajcic Jacksonville, FL $28,500 Student
Sallyn S Pajcic Jacksonville, FL $28,500 Homemaker
Stephen Pajcic Jacksonville, FL $28,500 Attorney

Here is what is suspicious

  • How could individuals listed as living in this house afford to donate the equivalent of the value of the house.
  • The house does not appear to be one an attorney would live in
  • 2 Females living in the house listed as home makers
  • 2 Students having $28,500 to donate to a presidental campaign
  • What is in it for this attorney? Obama and him both attended Harvard
  • a $140,000 donation is huge considering the current economy

FEC Laws That May Pertain to These Donations

Contributions in the name of another person are not permitted.
Note: Parents may not make contributions in the names of their children. Persons under 18 may contribute, but must do so willingly, under their own names, and with their own money.

More info:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Signs of Obama Contribution Fraud - Individual

Karen Levin, a school teacher out of Mill Valley, California has donated over $98,800 to the Democratic Party over the past 5 years. Normally this would not be questioned accept if the following was not discovered. Karen is a school teacher that just received her Tenure in 2007.

Tenure normally takes 3 to 5 years. How does a newly tenured teacher from a town where the sales tax is 7.75% and the median income is $71,000 afford to donate so much money? I would assume a newly tenured teacher is not making $71,000. After taxes she probable takes home about $40,000. But yet she can afford to donate $15,000.00 to the Obama Victory Fund?

See For Yourself:

$67,150 in Donations in one year asa Teacher:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama's Fight The Smears Hides The Truth About Overseas Money

Barack Obama and his talented team of misinformants preys on the First Ammendment's "Freedom of Speech". The "Fight The Smears" Team are Masters of manipulating the truth. It reminds me of watching SwordFish when John Travolta said "What the eyes see, and the ears hear, the mind believes".

Here is an example of how "Fight The Smears" hides the truth with there misinformation:


Here they claim to only accept Legal Donations. When reviewing the FEC Filings for September of the OBAMA VICTORY FUND here is what we found within 15 minutes. These are just some of the funds being donated from Foreign Countries:

Page 8 of 349
Hassan Alaghband London, UK $28,500 Bell Group PLC

Page 25 0f 349
Phillip Bennett London, UK $ 2,500 Citigroup Banker

Page 67 0f 349
Jeffrey D'Souza London, UK $ 4,600 Silver Leaf Capital Partners

Page 124 of 349
John Graham London, UK $ 2,300 Rogge Global Partners

Page 128 of 349
Philip H Gr*** London, UK $ 1,000 Merrill Lynch

Page 187 of 349
Mary Lopez London, UK $ 4,000 Homemaker

Page 226 of 349
David Novak London, UK $23,300 Homemaker
Jane Novak London, UK $23,300 Homemaker

Page 231 of 349
Deborah Owen London, UK $28,500 Deborah Owen, LTD.

Page 246 of 349
George Pal London, UK $ 2,300 Self Employed Consultant

Page 303 of 349
Ellen J Taylor London, UK $ 4,600 Duetsche Bank

Page 325 of 349
Daryl Wickstrom London, UK $ 7,500 Sotheby's

This was done doing a quick PDF search for London.

Foreign Nationals may not contribute to any candidate or party in any Federal, state, or local election in the United States. Foreign citizens who have permanent US residency status (posses a "green card") are allowed to contribute according to the same laws as American citizens.

Ironically enough Barack Obama and Democratic sites do not ask for a Social Security Number, Passport # or Drivers License to validate that the person contributing is an American Citizen.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Jay Z Violates Campaign Finance Laws

Under campaign finance laws an individual may only donate up to $2,300 to a politcal candidate unless donationing to a National Committee, then he may donate $28,500. The week of October 1st it was announced Jay Z would throw 2 Free Concerts in support of Barack Obama.

Reuters reported "Hip-hop star Jay-Z will play two free concerts this weekend in support of voter registration and the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama for the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

The first show is set for Saturday (October 4) at Detroit's Cobo Arena. Jay-Z will play Miami's Bayfront Park Amphitheatre the following day. Voter registration for the upcoming election ends Monday."

Reuters Link:

Video of the Concert

By FEC Laws Jay Z may only volunteer his time, and donate $2,300 to a primary and general election and $28,500 to a Democratic National Committee. Def Jam MAY NOT pick up the tab for FREE Concerts for Obama.

How is it possible for 2 free concerts to cost lest than $28,500.00??
How much does it cost for to rent Detroit's Cobo Arena and Miami's Bayfront Park Amphitheatre?

I am quite sure the cost of these events exceeded $250,000.
You need to pay for:
  • Permits
  • Insurance
  • Arena Staff
  • Security
  • Audio Visual Techs
  • Rental of AV Equiptment
  • Cost of Printing Tickets

Also, by LAW, these workers can not donate their time.

  • Corporations and Labor Unions are also prohibited form contributing. This law applies to all incorporated organizations, profit or non-profit. Business owners are not allowed to make contributions from their business accounts.
  • Donations of food, beverages, office supplies, printing or other services, furniture, etc. are considered "in-kind" contributions, so their value counts against contribution limits.

Important: Questions should be directed to the Federal Election Commission in Washington, DC: 800/424-9530 (toll free) or 202/694-1100.

Friday, October 17, 2008

How Obama Raises So Much Money

For an individual coming out of nowhere, Barack Obama has an elite team of Financiers, Political Backers, Designers, Marketing, Media, Attorneys’ and Computer Hackers. Where does all the money come from? How are some people allowed to break campaign finance laws?

Where does the money come from? So I began to do my research by watching where people were donating their money. The Obvious ones were the following Democratic Campaigns:

A PAC Chaired by Barack Obama. The link cleverly has a modified home page telling you to go to But it still allows you to navigate the rest of the site and navigate to donating funds to HOPEFUND.
Link for FEC Info:

*** I Thought Obama Doesn’t Believe in PAC Money???? We will do a whole dedicated topic on this


A PAC with Hillary Clinton as the Honorary Chairman, said to be terminated (2006) according to the FEC Filings, but still collects funds through Act Blue. Because it is terminated, it is not required to provide donation collection information.
Link for FEC Info:

*** Isn't this campaign fraud???? We will do a whole dedicated topic on this

Other money comes from other Democratic National Commitees such as:




Act Blue

Campaign for Our Country

**** These other commitees show so much information each deserves it's own posting.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Researching Campaign Fraud

The 2008 Presidential election Campaign has been plaqued with questions about the campaign financing. In order to research this properly, you need to understand Campaign Finance regulations first.

The chart below is from the Federal Elections Committee
( )

* These contribution limits are increased for inflation in
odd-numbered years.

1 A contribution earmarked for a candidate through a political
committee counts against the original contributor’s limit for that candidate.
In certain circumstances, the contribution may also count against the contributor’s
limit to the PAC.
CFR 110.6
. See also 11
CFR 110.1(h)

2 No more than $42,700 of this amount may be contributed
to state and local party committees and PACs.

3 This limit is shared by the national committee and the
Senate campaign committee.

4 A multicandidate committee is a political committee with
more than 50 contributors which has been registered for at least 6 months
and, with the exception of state party committees, has made contributions
to 5 or more candidates for federal office.
CFR 100.5(e)(3)

5 A federal candidate's authorized committee(s) may contribute
no more than $2,000 per election to another federal candidate's authorized
2 U.S.C. 432(e)(3)(B).

Now the question is, how do we research who has donated what?
Campaign Money(

NewsMeat ( *Adds a link to the Actual FEC Filing

Look for any type of questionable activity like:
  • People living in poor neighborhoods donating very high dollar amounts
  • People donation money from overseas locations
  • Donations from Banks, Labor Unions, Government Contractors, Large Corporations

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What This Blog is Not About!

This blog is not a smear campaign against Barack Obama, the 2008 Democrat Presidential Candidate. This is a fact finding mission to point out what is fact, fiction, and potentially fraudulent or misleading information.