Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama's Fight The Smears Hides The Truth About Overseas Money

Barack Obama and his talented team of misinformants preys on the First Ammendment's "Freedom of Speech". The "Fight The Smears" Team are Masters of manipulating the truth. It reminds me of watching SwordFish when John Travolta said "What the eyes see, and the ears hear, the mind believes".

Here is an example of how "Fight The Smears" hides the truth with there misinformation:

Link: http://fightthesmears.com/articles/25/FinanceTruth

Here they claim to only accept Legal Donations. When reviewing the FEC Filings for September of the OBAMA VICTORY FUND here is what we found within 15 minutes. These are just some of the funds being donated from Foreign Countries:

Page 8 of 349
Hassan Alaghband London, UK $28,500 Bell Group PLC

Page 25 0f 349
Phillip Bennett London, UK $ 2,500 Citigroup Banker

Page 67 0f 349
Jeffrey D'Souza London, UK $ 4,600 Silver Leaf Capital Partners

Page 124 of 349
John Graham London, UK $ 2,300 Rogge Global Partners

Page 128 of 349
Philip H Gr*** London, UK $ 1,000 Merrill Lynch

Page 187 of 349
Mary Lopez London, UK $ 4,000 Homemaker

Page 226 of 349
David Novak London, UK $23,300 Homemaker
Jane Novak London, UK $23,300 Homemaker

Page 231 of 349
Deborah Owen London, UK $28,500 Deborah Owen, LTD.

Page 246 of 349
George Pal London, UK $ 2,300 Self Employed Consultant

Page 303 of 349
Ellen J Taylor London, UK $ 4,600 Duetsche Bank

Page 325 of 349
Daryl Wickstrom London, UK $ 7,500 Sotheby's

This was done doing a quick PDF search for London.

Foreign Nationals may not contribute to any candidate or party in any Federal, state, or local election in the United States. Foreign citizens who have permanent US residency status (posses a "green card") are allowed to contribute according to the same laws as American citizens.

Ironically enough Barack Obama and Democratic sites do not ask for a Social Security Number, Passport # or Drivers License to validate that the person contributing is an American Citizen.

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blonde said...

Obama supporters are insane. They even blocked Sarah Palin's motor cage in PA. Mr. Obama is not even a naturalized US citizen.


Sign the petition above and ask Obama to prove to America that he is a US natural born citizen. We need more people to sign as it seems that democrats in Congress are ignoring this.