Wednesday, October 29, 2008

IMPACT of Obama's 25% Military Funding Cut

Democrats in general ALWAYS cut Military Funding and weaken the current status of our troops. Recently we heard from Rep. John Murtha (D-Penn.) of a 25% Spending Cut if Barack Obama becomes President. What does this mean? How will it impact us?

The first promise Barack Obama will keep will be an early withdrawal of troops out of Iraq. This early withdrawal will weaken Iraqi Security Forces allowing the long awaited invasion of Iraq and Kuwait. Syria will storm Iraq from the North and Iran from the south moving upward.

This will then turn control of Iraq's oil to Iran and Syria. (Both countries are not allies of the U.S.) In turn, Iran will raise oil prices because of the sanctions the U.S. has placed on them. Possibly driving Oil to $5 or $6 a gallon, further weakening the U.S. economy. After taking over Iraq, a war with Israel is guaranteed. When Israel is defeated my MASS FORCE, the U.S. losses it's security counterpart within the region and will no longer be able to protect it's assets in the area. It will weaken Fuel trade and increase the actions of Pirates within the area.

If this war breaks out, as a U.N. Nation we will be responsible to go in the area and defend our Allies, encountering the Largest Bloodshed ever.

What else can be expected from a 25% Spending Cut?
Currently soldiers receive a 3.5% pay raise every year, Thanks to George Bush. Under the Clinton Administration they received a 1% pay raise every year. Because of that many soldiers were forced to collect welfare because they could not survive on their military paychecks.

Currently a soldier first entering the military makes around $1,200 a month. It was $879 a month during Desert Storm.
$17,000.00 First Year AFTER GI Bill Deduction
$21,000.00 (E-3) After Year One Stationed in US
$25,500.00 a year (E-4) Average Enlisted in IRAQ / AFGHANISTAN
$35,000.00 a year (E-5) Average Special Forces

How Badly would the people who support and defend our country be hurting from a 1% pay raise?

Think About It? The LAST Democrat President to serve in the Military was John F. Kennedy. How much has warfare changed since before the Vietnam War? We are more reliant on Special Forces and Special Weapons than ever. How much would a 25% cut cripple this Country's Intelligence and Combat Capabilities?

(Note: the NSA is part of the Department of Defense and would also become more crippled with this 25% reduction)

We don't need to cut Budgets, we need to "Reform How We Do Business". We need to weed out corrupt government contractors, we need to make them accountable for their projects and delivery times. This is the John McCain approach.

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