Monday, October 27, 2008

OBAMA'S "Spreading the Wealth" - The Writing is On The Net

Barack Obama's campaign slogan is about "Change", the hope that America will change their mind and vote for the Democratic Party. He talks about corporate greed, what about Government Greed? The writing is on the wall that the Democrats are doing what is needed to BUY THE ELECTION. Having raised over $600 Million Dollars in questionable funding, one begins to wonder where all this money comes from. His fundraising dollars is the equivalent of every American donating $2 to his campaign.

Barack Obama's Presidential campaign spending is projected to far exceed the combined total of BUSH vs. KERRY in the 2004 Presidential Campaign.

Isn't the writing on the wall about how Barack will outspend any former president? He will do more damage to this country than any terrorist attack could ever do. The writing is on the wall, look at the list of his Donors Far Exceeding Campaign Contribution Limits:

(over 509 have gathered at least $63,300,000 for Obama)

To me, it sounds like Barack will owe a lot of favors if he becomes President of the United States.

Examples of his wasteful spending:

  1. Barack Obama requested Secret Service Agents in May of 2007, while all others were not provided them until December 2007.

  2. Barack Obama has double the Secret Service staff as John McCain and Sarah Palin.

  3. Leasing a 757 for his camapaign use instead of something smaller and more fuel efficient (For McCain the AirBus 320 is sufficient)

  4. Michelle Obama's $500 lunches

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