Friday, October 17, 2008

How Obama Raises So Much Money

For an individual coming out of nowhere, Barack Obama has an elite team of Financiers, Political Backers, Designers, Marketing, Media, Attorneys’ and Computer Hackers. Where does all the money come from? How are some people allowed to break campaign finance laws?

Where does the money come from? So I began to do my research by watching where people were donating their money. The Obvious ones were the following Democratic Campaigns:

A PAC Chaired by Barack Obama. The link cleverly has a modified home page telling you to go to But it still allows you to navigate the rest of the site and navigate to donating funds to HOPEFUND.
Link for FEC Info:

*** I Thought Obama Doesn’t Believe in PAC Money???? We will do a whole dedicated topic on this


A PAC with Hillary Clinton as the Honorary Chairman, said to be terminated (2006) according to the FEC Filings, but still collects funds through Act Blue. Because it is terminated, it is not required to provide donation collection information.
Link for FEC Info:

*** Isn't this campaign fraud???? We will do a whole dedicated topic on this

Other money comes from other Democratic National Commitees such as:




Act Blue

Campaign for Our Country

**** These other commitees show so much information each deserves it's own posting.

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