Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama's Phone Bank leads to ACORN Fraud, Identity Theft and Worse

After reviewing Barack Obama's Phone back you begin to wonder if it is designed for more than just to help make phone calls. Obama's Phone Bank provides enough information to commit numerous crimes.

When you first log in you have the option to print out a list of people's information to call, or call them one by one entering their data directly into an insecure website. This means the site is not protected by SSL and information is passed in clear and vulnerable to Man In The Middle attacks by hackers. (Information is stored in hidden field data)

Next, you review the callers information. You will find lots of unnecessary information. For instance, I understand why a name, phone number and location, but why does provide an age, gender and voter id number? This information is a bit excessive and can used for ACORN suspected voter fraud.

The idea of the phone bank frieghtens me for several reasons.

  1. Phone Numbers can be linked to addresses

  2. The database is linked with NUMEROUS unlisted phone numbers

  3. Your number is listed even if you are in the DO NOT CALL Registry

Below is an example of how using Google I was able to trace the persons location and any other information about her. and Google provide enough information to use the persons identity and pose as them at the polls and vote for the wrong candidate. It also provides enough information to enable the criminals to victimize the elderly. By typing the victims address into
you can obtain a view of victims house and do a virtual recon of the target.

After reading this information, you are probably wondering what else can this information be used for. How about Contribution Fraud?

A fraudulent contributor can use this information and goto or to check if someone has contributed money. If they haven't, then they can illegally make a contribution under someone elses name, using a VISA, MASTER CARD OR AMERICAN EXPRESS Pre-Paid card. This is a proven method of FRAUD found on

IF Barack Obama can't secure your information on a website, what makes you believe he can keep this country secure OR secure this country's economy!

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